Step by Step
Here are a few pics of my dragon in progress. I took a series of shots until the final scale was in place. When it was finished, it was a bit bigger than I'd originally planned at 7 ft. tall.  I'd encountered some space problems.

The room in which I sculpt is small. Therefore, I couldn't get far enough away from the subject to get good shots. I took this one while outside the house looking in...

Moving right along, here's my progress as of 2/28/002. As you can see, I've yet to touch the hind limbs, and he's still one wing shy of a pair. Kinda cool lookin' though...

As of March ninth, the dragon's understructure is all but complete. After finishing the left rear limb, all that'll be needed is a tail. I can't add that however till after I get this thing out of my all too small sculpting room. Sigh... Now I'm ready to add the skin for the appropriate textures.

And here's a closer view. I can't wait to find a moldmaker so that this beauty can be cast in resin. Anyone know a good moldmaker?
Below is the last "in progress" pic for the dragon. Here, the head has been textured w/ the glue and towels.  For a more extensive view of construction, go to the next page.

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