Although some of the following pieces have been cast in concrete, all of the sculpts seen on this site are the originals.  Until I start producing them in resin, none are for sale.  My only intent here is to give you an idea of what the finished pieces look like, regardless of their casting medium.

African Elephant (juvenile)
This is the first life-sized work I'd ever done. The toweling and glue used for skin, lended itself well to the kind of wrinkly texture I was looking for. Too unweildy in cement, this little guy is looking for a new life in resin.

Shootin' from the Hippo  
The Hippo here has already been cast in concrete.
This is the original, which has since been cast with a base (not pictured).

Lowland Gorilla (female)

Standing (or partially sitting) at 4 and a half ft. tall, this gorilla is depicted using American sign language. She indicates that shes' either hungry, wants a baby, or is otherwise feeling empty inside.


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